Whose city is it anyway?

A dynamic panel of people who in different ways all can be seen as representatives for the town of Dubrovnik have joined up in a panel to discuss their different views on the old town.
Participating in the panel are the following:
Ana Prohaska, demographer at the University of Dubrovnik
Zeljko Raguz, Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik
Ivanka Jemo, Director of Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik
Davorka Cecic Premuzak, senior adviser for the Department of Urban Planning, Spatial planning and the Environment
Marina Kristicevic, Dubrovnik Tourist Guides’ Association
Nikolina Farcic, resident in The old town and entrepreneur
The participants of the panel give their different views on development and problems in the old town. It is safe to say that they do not agree and that the people of Dubrovnik feel strongly about their town. The discussions about the future of Dubrovnik deepens.


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