Split and Šibenik cases…..

Besides Dubrovnik, Croatian cost is rich with equally beautiful and ancient cities, such as Split and Šibenik. Eventhough the mentioned cities are not so known in the world like Dubrovnik, they too struggle with the same issues and face the same problems as all the historical city centers in the world-lack of management plan, limited sustainability, legal and preservation issues, as well as low level of vibrancy.

The meeting continues…..to dress or undress in the historical cities?

After the excellent and needed coffee break, our meeting continued with the presentation held by Mrs. Davorka Premuzak -on behalf of City of Dubrovnik. Mrs Davorka presented the issues that Dubrovnik encounters when it comes to legal and environmental issues. Furthermore, we could hear about rich urban and architectual heritage, importance of cultural values and tradition, and management plan which will make all the above listed aspects possible.
Interesting discussion followed Mrs Davorka’s presentation, and partners were debating about the possible implementation of the dress codes for tourist, while they’re walking down the ancient streets..

Partners presenting their City management plans

DSC_0162Partners of the project took the stage! Each of them presented their City management plan within the short period of time, pointing at the crucial matters and characteristics for the area they live in and drawing parallels with other locations in their country.
Serious questions have been raised, and the discussion spiced this meeting to the high working temperature!
It is now time for the deserved coffee break!

We've started!

This morning our meeting started with lots of enthusiasm and good spirit,introduced by Mark Thomas, our conference host. After the welcome speeches held by City of Dubrovnik deputy major Mr. Raguz, and Director of DURA Mrs. Novakovic, urban planner Ivana Katurić started her presentation about ’Multilevel urban governance and revitalization of the historic centers. The presentation contained many useful and motivating information and pointed at the important role of Urban Center.