Dinner and eventbased development

Before dinner on Wednesday we got this insides to Destination Falkenbergs new concept Falkenbergs Skafferi, a way of getting our food producers together creating a base for developing the local food scene. Destination developer Kristjan Fannar started with a vision for an event and got a foodmarket. And more.
Falkenbergs skafferi
DSC00760 DSC00759 DSC00758

How do we define a vibrant city center?

We formed groups to discuss and define what a vibrant city centre consists of. Keywords: buzy, mulitfunctional, connected, contrast, active, meet, including…”A place where you want to be and where you can be any person you want to be, at any time”. We also got to listen to ”Our house” by Madness.


We all face various challenges when planning our places. We spent the afternoon adressing most of them.
Each town describes one or several identified challenges that they are facing. There are a lot of similarities amongst the participating towns in the collaboration, with specifik challenges bound to the geographical site. Demographic, strategic, operational and a vibrant town centre through out the year are some of the challenges that is raised. An exchange with collaboration and partnership is necessary and requested.

Stand up and dream!

Destination developer Kristjan Fannar from Falkenberg makes us all stand up, close our eyes and think of a special place we like. He also adressed the importance of citizen dialogue and influence when planning public space. Who do we contact when we want to develop our place? We should create forums for interaction.

Honesty is golden

We are all discussing what we want to get out of the exchange. The Ballymena representatives dared to share their secret mission: ”What can we steal from you and take back home?”

Getting inspired and learning through best practice seems to be a mutual agenda for all the partners in the exchange.


Learning about EU2020

Henrik Bengtsson from Region Halland gave us a brief summary of the EU-strategy for 2020. However we learned that there are no sprecific objectives or strategies within the EU2020 on how urban planning can contribute to a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
Here is Henrik’s presentation
EU2020_12 mars EUPLETT

Welcome to Falkenberg!

Today we welcome our new friends within the EU-project EUPLETT. Welcome to Falkenberg! We will be spending the next four days together, with a common goal to share influences and initiate new and exciting ideas when it comes to planning vibrant town centres.


During our first day, on the 11th of March, we will be listening to Bo Bergman, senior researcher at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) talking about the challenges and opportunities for smaller towns.

On Wednesday all participants will introduce themselves further and also present local challanges that we are facing. We will also learn more about EU2020 and as a group try to define what a vibrant city center should be.

Here is a link to learn more about the exchange (in Swedish)>>